About the company

In the North of Primorsky Krai, "Troika", LLC performs a coastal fishing with the help of population of three coastal villages of Terneisky district: Samarga, Peretychikha and Agzu 

After liquidation of two enterprises -local state farm and state industrial farm – that were significant for the villages in the early 1990s, "Troika" took an important function: it became a town-forming enterprise for three remote villages.

LLC "Troika" is engaged in coastal net fishing with pound and throw nets and using small boats. This is the main enterprise of Primorsky Krai that sells coastal salmon in a volume of about 1400-2500 tons per year, which is 90% quota of Primorsky Krai.

In general, the enterprise sells several items of marine biological resources: salmon, flounder, greenling, laminaria, grey mullet, rudd, smelt, and sea urchin. Thus, the total harvest in a fishy year is about 2,700 tons on average.

The enterprise recycles caught fish both in its own modernized coastal shops and using ships provided by partners. After that it sells fish in small bulk to the markets of seaside towns as well as in large bulk to the central cities of Russia. For quite a long period of time fish produced by "Troika", LLC has already earned an excellent reputation due to the highest consumer properties; and consumers have conferred "TERNEISKY FISH" mark to it, for which there are lines in retail and in wholesale shops.

In addition to sales of fish of own production, “Troika”, LLC provides agent’s services for the procurement, design and delivery of any fishery products from the Far East to anywhere in the world. The company has offices in Vladivostok and Moscow.

Also LLC “Troika” organizes sports and amateur fishery of autumn chum salmon in Olginsky district. The enterprise was the first in Primorsky Krai that started carrying on such an activity. In 2008 sport fishermen who got licenses issued by “Troika”, LLC caught 30 tons of pink salmon in Terneisky district and 10 tons of chum salmon in Olginsky district and acquired the entire seaside quota.