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Subsection “Red” fishing season in Primorye did not satisfy the fishermen expectations

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23.09.2014 20:19

Although the current year is "fishy" for Primorsky Krai, fishery can hardly be called successful, as said Yulia Belikova, deputy director of the company "Troika". The bureaucratic red tape prevented fishermen to develop allocated scopes.

Like many fishing companies "Troika" LLC has developed its coastal plants to the reception and processing of pink salmon hoping to catch about 2 thousand tons of fish. However, they had to bring even supplies "in an environment of uncertainty," said Yulia Belikova, the deputy director. 

It should be recalled that the tender for the use of fishing plots in Primorye Krai has not been done in advance. "As a result, “Troika" won only one plot in the tender and got the permit for fishing only on July 11th while the pink salmon began its move from June 20th", said the deputy director of the company. The quota for the fishing of pink salmon in the fishing plot No. 7 was 372 tons. The main work in the fishing season went on stationary nets, but throw nets were also used.

All the caught fish was processed at Troika’s own plants located in Terneisky district. "We try to use all the local population of working age and willing to work from the three nearby villages of Samarga, Peretychikha, and Agzu", noted Yulia Belikova.

Although in terms of the entire Far East 372 tons of pink salmon is little, for coastal areas it is a weighty figure. "The first fish certainly comes to Primorye, to local markets. Also we give raw product to processing manufacturers of the region for smoking, salting, etc.", said interlocutor to the Fishnews. She added that "Terneisky" salmon is large, it is always fatter, and meat is denser. Manufacturers are always willing to buy such fish.

Now, however, the company is facing another problem that is the export of products. No roads, fish can be transported only by sea. "Due to the fact that there is no pier (open sea), first we load the fish on the pontoon, then overload on the MTP. The difficulty is that "Terneyles” is the only company that has a pontoon, which may provide it from time to time", said Yulia Belikova.

The company is going to acquire "Vostok-1" barge for loading operations.

"Unfortunately, this fishing season cannot be called a success although we tried to do our best and give work to all those who came to us. Now, we have focused on coastal fisheries. We are planning to increase the development of bottom-food fish species and also to establish deep processing of fish products", deputy director of the company shared their plans.



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